You are a Device Maker and you are looking to a solution. How can we help you !

Sigfox is the right solution if you are looking for the following elements :
- international coverage and wide terroritory
- plug and play Scalable solutions
- long and predicatable battery lead time
- back up additional connectivty
International and wide coverage
We cover 72 countries and 80 % of the worldwide PIB within one global network which offers unique opportunities
Thanks to Monarch functionalities, device can travel all over the world and adapt to the right frequency
Our best of the art network provide the best price per device both for mobile and fixed devices
If you need a connectivity booster feel free to get a MicroBS or NanoBS that will extend automatically the sigfox to your place
Plug and play / scalable solution
Thanks to its simplicity and global approach, Sigfox is the best solution to ensure your scalability.
We provided warrantied SLA from the first connected device to deliver your message on time. We treat everyday more than 70 million messages.
Our device don't require any steps, as soon as they are plugged on, they start delivering messages ( no pairing, no handshake, .. )
Non IP technology and resistance to jamming make it even more interesting for you.

Long and predicatable battery lead time
When we speak about mass IOT, being able to predict batttery life is key. With it simple protocol and energy efficient sigfox devices ensure a high predictivity and long battery life up to 12 - 15 years depending on your implementation
Back up connectivity
Sigfox protocol is open and not dependent on device makers, thus, it can easily be added to any existing hardware and increase the available connectivity ( Sigfox + Lora, Sigfox + wifi, sigfox + GSM, Sigfox + BLE)
When you have critical processes, the antijamming property of sigfox brings new valuable datas for customers

How to partner with us

Partnering with us, is as easy as 1, 2, 3 steps
1 - Register your interest
Register your interest by populating a simple form, which will take you no more than 3 minutes.
Our team will come back to you.
2 - Work on a common strategy
We discuss around a call to understand how we can support you and find the right level of partnership.
3 - Be part of our program
Once we understood your business, you will have a custom made plan to support you.

How we help our partner ecosystem of solutions

Solution integrators
We fill together the gaps across the value chain and enable you to offer what your customers demand: End2end Solutions. They are the critical last mile.

Device Makers
Together we build outstanding devices that can easily enable large scale national IoT solutions with global reach.
Digital transformation
You have the industry expertise – we have the IoT expertise. One partnership across the IoT value chain, cross industry to support the change necessary to accelerate adoption
Platform Providers
Together we can accelerate the market for connected things and increase the number of activate objects.
Create a new Device
Find the right tool kit
Define the right tool kit for you
Available dev-kits
Start development
Register your device to get the credential and do testing either with SDR dongle or on the real network
Sigfox technical information
Choose your components & Certify
Register your device and prepare it for certification
Sigfox Certification
Industrialise and scale
Make your product ready and test full integration with different platforms.
ST module based - All RC
ST based module with All RC + GPS + Wifi for tracking use cases
Simple module UART command
Some interesting links to be used, in order to manage or build your own solutions :
- FAQ about devkits
- distributors (yadom,...)

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